»Morning Dew

Morning Dew

The stars were still scattered in the sky that morning, when we decided to climb the hill together. Westerly winds gusting hit my cheek, it was still too early and we walked though too cold. There was still a few minutes when we walked as I turned around and I amazed. There was really beautiful scenery. Rawa Pening that was surrounded by the lights made me unable to witness the beauty of that polar cold morning.

            We were really tired, but we kept walking. I felt helpless and wanted to give up. But my feet still kept walking. Once again I looked back, and I saw a sea of orange that came from the eastern horizon. The sun has begun to emit its magnificent orange color. I was looking for that giant fire ball, but I did not find out from which direction the color was coming. It turned out the sun was still hiding behind a sea of middle of nowhere there. Still has not occurred to me, there was much nature ocean orange showed , but has not been seen by my eyes where the dawn hiding.

 Increasingly we felt so tired, our legs were still stepping bound. We wanted to catch the sun, looked at the sunrise that morning. The farther we walked, the smaller of the gravity was pulling us. The farther we walked, the more beautiful the world showed himself. We saw Ungaran Mountain in front of us. Directed opposite, we saw Merapi, Merbabu, Sumbing, and Sindoro Volcanoes. We’ve arrived at the top of Hollywood-Bandungan. I couldn’t witness the beauty of the nature when the sun rises. Rawa Pening just looked like a small lake between the mountains. Far on the eastern horizon, the Dawn showed herself so grandly. “Amazing”, is the only word that could describe the beauty of the world that morning.

The morning dew still wet the grasses and the weather was really cold. You hold my hand and looked in to my eyes warmly. I looked back in to your eyes deeply, and I found love there. There is beauty in your stare, more beautiful than the blue expanse of the sky. In your black eyes, I found peace that seemed hugged me. In your soft stare, I found myself there. Your eyes are the beauty that I could never deny. Your stare is timeless honesty. I never once found lying there. Your eyes twinkle is the reason that makes me survive till now. Dear, when I am weak, when I lose my hope, let me look in to your peace beautiful eyes and let me sleep there.

I’ll never forget that wonderful morning, you hold my hands and looked into my eyes. You murmured love to my ear and I lost my word. There was no word I could say. I was too nervous but at the same time I was really happy. Actually I wanted to say that I love you too, but my lips were locked. I just smiled and screamed in my heart, “I love you too”. I knew that you couldn’t hear it, because my sound has been brought by the gale in that hill.
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